Weighing outcomes over output from design system teams.

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If you work with design systems, here’s a scenario that may sound familiar:

You got buy-in to create a new design system, likely based on the promise of increasing the productivity of designers and front-end developers and improving speed to market.

You built a component library, UI toolkit, and documentation…

How do we evolve our systems over time?

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Once a design system is up and running, how do we evolve it to bring in new patterns or best practices? What do we tell our users when they can’t find something they need in the system, or are tempted to break a pattern for their specific use case? …

What I’ve learned from Toastmasters about becoming a better public speaker (hint: it takes practice)

silver corded microphone in shallow focus

Are you terrified by the thought of giving a speech? When speaking up in front of a crowd, are you hit with a jolt of anxiety that causes your heart to race and your hands to start sweating or trembling?

Do you wish you felt more confident speaking up in…

Using human conversation patterns to design more natural digital interactions

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WeWe increasingly rely on digital systems to either mediate or replace human communications. But often, these experiences feel clunky and impersonal, or even scammy and deceptive.

Asking Alexa to add something to my shopping cart is a breeze:

“Hey Alexa, add bananas to my shopping list.”

“Okay, I’ve added bananas…

A thoughtful design system can be a powerful foundation for future growth

To keep pace with new technology and digital platforms, organizations are increasingly turning to systems to help scale and cultivate a healthy environment for growth.

Digital product development teams have adopted successful systems from other areas to build efficiently at scale —including applying principles and tactics from Agile software development…

How the Internet of Value enables better working relationships for freelancers and protects content creators

worm’s-eye-view of white concrete building

The state of blockchain technology today is often compared to the internet in the early 1990s — we’re still in the early innings. While the internet transformed how we share information and connect, blockchain is now transforming how we exchange value and who we trust.

A new vision for the…

Maya Hampton

Digital professional, creative life. Product manager for design systems at REI.

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