Weighing outcomes over output from design system teams.

drafting instruments on top of table
drafting instruments on top of table
Measuring Tools — Photo by Fleur on Unsplash

If you work with design systems, here’s a scenario that may sound familiar:

You got buy-in to create a new design system, likely based on the promise of increasing the productivity of designers and front-end developers and improving speed to market.

You built a component library, UI toolkit, and documentation. You released the system “officially” and started sharing it with other product teams.

But as those who work on design systems know, building the system is only the start.

Adoption of the system is essential, but there are many adoption hurdles that must be managed across the teams intended to use the system, including prioritization, framework compatibility, and access to tools. …


Maya Hampton

Digital professional, creative life. Product manager for design systems at REI.

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