4 Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team, and Yourself

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4 tips for motivating creative teams:

1. Know your team’s working styles, including your own

As a project manager, one key thing I’ve learned is that what motivates me is not always the same thing that motivates other people I work with. People are individuals, and are driven by different things. While some people may benefit from a cheerleader that consistently checks in to help keep them on task, others thrive when they’re able to self-manage and work in uninterrupted flow.

2. Share the big picture

Sharing the larger context of a project helps team members see that their work matters and is relevant, and increases motivation. By making clear how important each individual’s contribution is for the performance of the whole company, each person feels their actions to be more meaningful, and hence become more committed.

3. Recognize contributions and show appreciation

Unexpected attention, such as spontaneous praise and constructive feedback, can help team members focus on the joy of their work, and further increase intrinsic motivation.

4. Invite feedback to foster collaboration and self-determination

Sprint retrospectives or daily/weekly debriefs with the team are a great opportunity to discuss what’s not working and look for productive solutions. Keep spirits high by also discussing what went well, thanking the team and recognizing anyone who went above and beyond.

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